Part seminar. Part showcase. Part celebration.

[ih-klee-zhee-uh, -zee-uh] noun

  1. appropriation from contemporary Greek culture that meant “called out or forth” and characterized non-institutional communities formed around new ways of being in relationship with each other.
  2. translated by some as “church” and others as “alternative communities”—which some contend are the same thing.

Part seminar.
Part showcase.
Part celebration.

Come and meet various practitioners of sacred “alternative community” here in the San Francisco-Bay Area and beyond.

  • Learn about what they’re doing and how it’s creating community in some radical, progressive, and even unassuming ways.
  • Interact with folks who are interested in creating these kinds of spaces and experiences.
  • Discover how you can support the work of those already curating these spaces.
  • Find out how these kinds of practices and communities can inspire the transformation of modern-day ekklēsia—through a renewed commitment to being called out of empire and systems of oppression—by introducing counter-cultural tactics and thinking from these amazing alternative communities.

The event culminates in EKKLĒSIA!, a gender-expansive/diverse, interfaith, radically welcoming and expressive, sober-space Deep House, Dance, and Drag Worship in the Chapel of the Great Commission at Pacific School of Religion in Berkeley, CA.

The event is provided at no cost but we need to have an idea of how many folks are coming. Pre-register at